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Challenge: The manufacturing site boasts 40 years of experience in supplying the European and US markets. After being acquired, the new management was faced with the challenge of distinguishing the company from competitors and embarking on a new phase. They wanted to both honor Ireland's heritage and bring a renewed sense of optimism for the future.

With these goals in mind, we began the process focusing on four key objectives:
Emphasizing and retaining the Irish heritage and roots of the company.
Moving beyond any past misfortunes or setbacks.
Infusing the company with fresh energy and hope for the coming years.
Positioning the company as a significant player on the global stage.

Brand strategy & brand identity
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Alby Pharma's name is inspired by St. Ailbe of Emly, County Tipperary, who miraculously filled a barren river with fish. It connects to Ireland's heritage and symbolizes hope and rejuvenation, reflecting the transformation achieved through St. Ailbe's blessing.

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Logo: The Triskele, or Triple Spiral, is a complex Celtic symbol. Known as a Triskelion in Irish culture, it's challenging to decipher, reflecting various aspects of ancient culture. The triskele symbol represents constant outward motion. In Celtic culture, it symbolizes moving forward, life-death cycles, time continuity, action, revolution, and progress.Color: Violet combines blue's calm with red's energy. It symbolizes royalty, creativity, wisdom, and more. The color inspires enlightenment and connection to our roots.

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